Lechuza - CUBICO

The LECHUZA classic! The elegant column has been part of the LECHUZA assortment since 2003 and enjoys neverending popularity. CUBICO can be presented in numerous sizes and colours – discreetly in an arrangement of several planters or as a solitary decorative highlight. Even multiple plantings find a stylish setting in the noble column.

The colour-neutral, removable plant inserts can be exchanged with all CUBICO models of the same size. With the matching roller coaster for CUBICO 30 and CUBICO 40 the plant arrangements always remain mobile.

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Dimensioner(WxDxH): 29,5 x 29,5 x 56,5 cm
Vand kapacitet: 4 l
Plante volume: 14 l
Indre plantekasse dimensioner: 25,5 x 25,5 cm
Plante dybde: 23 cm
Max. plante højde: 60 cm


Dimensioner(WxDxH): 39,5 x 39,5 x 75,5 cm
Vand kapacitet: 7,5 l
Plante volume: 31 l
Indre plantekasse dimensioner: 34,5 x 34,5 cm
Plante dybde: 28 cm
Max. plante højde: 100 cm


Unique advantages:

  • Planter liner and sub-irrigation set included
  • Coasters available for CUBICO 30 and 40
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